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Generators are excellent power solutions whenever you need power outside your house or when you're at home. The kind of generator you would need when traveling is different from the one you primarily use to power your home. Regardless of their purpose or usage scenario, generators should become essential aspects of any house. However, despite being accustomed to the vagaries of traditional electricity, most people don't have a generator handy at all times. They buy one only during emergencies, ending up getting any random generator they get their hands on. Buying the right generator requires some knowledge about the equipment. In this article, we'll discuss those aspects in some detail.

Portable or Standby

As aforementioned, a generator can be stationary or portable. If you constantly travel and need power when on the move, a portable generator is what you need. A standby generator is something you install within your house compound and it stays there for the rest of its active life. Portable generators are lighter and fairly compact compared to the affixed generators. A portable generator can also be used for powering the house. A standby generator cannot be lugged around, however. But it's the generator you need during blackouts or extended power cuts.


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The type of generator you buy also depends on your budget, power requirements, and convenience. A standby generator needs professional installation and gets its fuel from an existing propane or natural gas line. It may also require a permit. Usually, a standby generator offers more power for the money, since it skimps on the convenience factor. Besides these two, there are inverter generators too. These aren't technically generators, but could meet your power requirements to some extent.

Be Aware of Your Power Requirements

A generator's weight is determined by wattage. Higher watts not just mean longer performance but also efficiency. Different appliances in the house have their own wattage requirements. For example, a refrigerator would require 600 watts of power. A portable heater, on the other hand, would need more than double the power at 1500 watts. Lights and computers' wattage requirements aren't that high. Usually, a 5000-watt portable generator should be good enough for most houses. Standby generators start at 7000 watts. Longevity is also important for a seamless experience. Generators come with different tank sizes. If you think your area is more prone to power cuts or longer shutdowns, consider a generator with a bigger tank size.

Essential Features

Not all portable generators are made the same or have the same set of features. Though there are some standard basic features, the traits that matter the most tend to vary across models. For instance, automatic start or the ability to power up itself without any human intervention as soon as conventional power goes off is not something every portable generator is capable of. Some of them have to be powered on manually. Similarly, some generators have alternative fuel capacities. The other features to look out for are wheels (some portables may price these individually), fuel gauge (being able to check fuel levels), inverter technology, removable console, etc. Be mindful of these features when shopping for a generator.

Consider the Extras

A good generator purchase is not just about the generator itself. The accompanying accessories and services also determine how satisfied you would be with the purchase. The accessories part of the generator package should be oil, power cord, funnel, etc. Though these may seem standard and mandatory aspects of all generator purchase, you would be surprised to see not all generator models pack in these essentials. Also, in case of a standby generator, professional installation services would be required. Find out if the company offers free or discounted installation services.


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